IAPMO Oceania GasMark™ gas certification scheme is JAS-ANZ accredited to ISO/IEC 17065:2012 and recognised by all Australian States and Territories regulatory authorities.  Additionally, GasMark™ product may also be marketed in New Zealand, providing the New Zealand regulatory requirements have been satisfied during the assessment program.

The GasMark™ scheme is a Type Test, certification program for the certification of gas appliances and gas components covered under specific Standards. 

The schemes prime attributes include:

  • Certification of ‘Type A’ gas appliances (up to 500MJ/h) and gas components
  • Independent ‘Type Test’ and test report reviews
  • Ongoing compliance verification via independent Continuous Compliance Inspection regime
  • The ‘GasMark’ provides the means to readily identify IAPMO Oceania certified gas products

  • The GasMark Certification Mark

The GasMark™ is exclusive to IAPMO Oceania and is used to identify quality, products that have met specific safety, performance, reliability and efficiency requirements of selected Standards.

Once earned and affixed to your certified product, the GasMark™ becomes an instantly recognisable symbol, providing your clients and the public with a high degree of assurance, that the certified product is a quality product and fit for the purpose as defined by the certification Standard.

Safety of the certified product is one of our prime objectives, although product safety cannot be guaranteed, as the certification process is based on a type test regime of an individual product type/design to industry an accepted Standard. The product design and safety are the responsibility of the certificate holder and manufacturer.