IAPMO Oceania Tier 2 certification scheme (T2) facilitates the legal installation of “one-off” appliances, conditional to acceptance by the relevant Technical Regulator, as an alternative to the type-tested GasMark™ Type A Certification Scheme. Refer for EnergySafe Victoria acceptance.

The scheme’s prime attributes include:

  • Limitation to one Appliance per Application, even if others of identical or like nature exist, however there is no limit on the number of units assessed and certified; i.e. 10 units of the same model would require 10 separate applications and 10 field tests,
  • Majorly applicable to commercial catering equipment (i.e. AS 4563) but may include other types of appliance subject to acceptance by the relevant Technical Regulator, &
  • Dependent on the environment and complexity of an appliance, laboratory testing may be required.

The Compliance Badge

The T2 Compliance Badge is exclusive to IAPMO Oceania and is used to identify the product has met specific safety*, performance and reliability requirements of selected Standards.

This remains the property of IAPMO Oceania. Due to environmental conditions the longevity of this Badge is questionable and so a Certificate is also issued to authenticate.

*Safety of the certified product is one of our prime objectives, and the Certification process is based on Essential Safety tests derived from Standards, such as those referenced in AS 3645 and criteria from the relevant Technical Regulator. The product design, maintenance, operation and safety are the responsibility of the certificate holder.